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Want to be your company’s corporate secretary yourself?

Do you want to submit documents to ACRA directly? In this article, you can download some ACRA templates to file them yourself.

These are some of the documents you need to maintain as a corporate secretary.

  • Registers
  • AGM documents
  • Directors Resolution in Writing

Read up a more detailed article on the roles and responsibilities of corporate secretary.


When running a Pte Ltd company, you will need to maintain several registers such as:

Click on the links above to download the ACRA templates directly.

Most notably, you will need to maintain the Register of Registrable Controllers. According to ACRA, this is the penalty for not maintaining a register of registrable controllers.

ACRA Templates

As a company secretary, you not only have to maintain the registers stated above. You have to prepare board resolutions, minutes of meeting, notice of AGM and more.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

There are some documents you will need to prepare before, during and after the AGM.

Before, during and after the AGM

Before the AGM, you will need to prepare a Notice of AGM at least 14 days in advance before the AGM itself. Can’t make it at least 14 days? You can prepare consent to shorter notice for the members of the company to approve.

On the AGM day, you will need to prepare minutes and resolutions of the meeting. Both directors and shareholders are able to make resolutions. For more on resolutions, you can refer to this article by the Singapore Legal Advice. I find the article very useful.

After the AGM, you will need to file the annual returns to ACRA. The deadline to file the annual returns depends on whether you have a listed or unlisted company. For listed companies, the deadline is five months after your financial year-end. For unlisted companies, the deadline is seven months after your financial year-end.

Download the templates for AGM

Click on the links below and download will begin immediately.

Directors’ resolution in writing

The Directors’ resolution can be used for all types of resolutions that your company might have. Typically, a directors’ resolution include:

  • Declaration of Dividends
  • Appointing and removal of Directors
  • Bank account opening and closing
  • Directors’ loans
  • Approval of large business investments
  • Allotting new shares
  • Adopting the financial statements

Here are more Directors’ resolution templates you can download:

Congratulations. You now have all the forms required. Now, log in to Bizfile and file your annual returns.

View our video below on filing your annual returns in ACRA. Watch this video:


Need more templates?

Hope you like the templates, we will be adding more ACRA templates for you to run your business.

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More Information About the Registers

Below is the brief introduction of each registers that you can download from the links above. For a more detailed explanation of the registers, you can always call us to discuss. We have a friendly team here 🙂

Register of Applications and Allotments

When you, as a director who wants to create and issue shares, to either for new or existing shareholders, this register has to be updated. To initiate the process, the directors have to get the existing shareholders’ approval at a general meeting. After which, a directors’ resolution in writing has to be written. The company secretary will then update the Register of Applications and Allotments.

Register Of Auditors

To appoint an auditor, the shareholders will have to approve the auditors in a general meeting. Once the auditor has been appointed, the company secretary will update this register.

Register of directors / Directors’ Shareholdings / managers

Here is a link that you can read more about the requirements of the companies act. Some directors’ particulars required are their names, occupation and NRIC number.

Sectional 170 requires that you, as a director, maintain a register of directors and key management personnel with their shareholdings.

The only exemption you have for not having to maintain this register is when the entire share capital is held by the Central Government. Which basically means that most probably, you will have to maintain this register.

Register Of Registrable Controllers

The requirement for this is because ACRA wants to know if there is any person who can control the company without their names stated anywhere in the company. It is a punishable offense if you, as a director, don’t maintain this register.

From the above link from ACRA, you will be liable to fine of up to S$5,000 if you don’t have this register.

Now you have it. Just download from the link above, and fill up 🙂

Register Of Secretaries

Lastly, this register is for the company secretary. The individual in the company secretary has to have her name on this register as a person. Normally, when you transact with a corporate secretarial firm, you will only know the company’s name. Now with this register, you will have the individual’s name.

The company secretary is responsible to maintain all these registers that we have talked about so far.

We encourage business owners to outsource their accounting, ACRA and IRAS filing requirements so that they can focus more on the operational aspect. However, we understand that some business may not be in a position to do that.

Legal stuff you need to know as a company secretary

Can you be a company secretary? Section 171 is the primary section of the Companies Act that sets out the guidelines for a company secretary.

If you are a Singapore citizen, Permanent Resident or EntrePass holders with a SingPass, you can be qualified as a company secretary for private companies. However, if you are the sole director of the company, you cannot be the company secretary. You will need someone else to be the company secretary.

Whereas for public companies, you will need to be a qualified individual or a registered filing agent with ACRA to be the company secretary.

Need someone to be your company secretary, not a qualified individual or a registered filing agent? Engage us to be your company secretary.

Cessation of business

One last note about striking off and cessation of business.

In additional to members’ resolutions, the following are relevant documents to be prepared for the striking off application. At the point of lodgement with ACRA, there is a confirmation to be made that a majority of the shareholders have provided consent for the application.

Click on the links below to download templates for:

  1. Directors’ declaration in respect of Cessation of business
  2. Shareholders’ application to strike off company to ACRA

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