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Easy 3-Step process

Online accounting


Building up the work scope

Have a part of your business process that needs to get outsourced?

Create work instructions for us, and discuss on the possibility if the work can be done remotely.


Performing the work scope

We will perform the work scope previously agreed. 

This step is tantamount to having a remote staff working independently.

If we have any questions, we will keep in touch.


Reporting on the work done

When we have completed the work scope for the period, we will send you the relevant deliverables and reports for your review.

After your review, we will make any changes as required.

Join hundreds of SMEs who outsourced to us.

Remote working

Finally, no more data entry and expensive staff

We are here to help


Are accounting chores preventing you from focusing on your business?

Stressed out not knowing where to start?

These 5 pitfalls make it virtually impossible for any business owners to focus on their business.

  • Accounting compliance to file taxes
  • Bookkeeping daily transactions
  • Record and documentation keeping
  • Not knowing their cash flows and profit
  • Accounting for back log transactions

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“Current clients reported a 73% savings in overheads.”

Source: 2020 Tianlong Services Client Statisfaction Report.PDF

Risks free for you, risks on us

First Month Free

You can test our company services for a full month – including month end closing.

If you haven’t had the chance to at least try out outsourcing, this is the time.

You will get the management accounts templates, chart of accounts and tax computation template.

And you can keep the reports for FREE even if you choose not to continue our services after the first month.

Don’t worry, we will still remain friends thereafter. All we want is to expose everyone to try out outsourcing.

helping you in business advisory

Why businesses choose Us


Accounting in accordance with Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS). Your books are always quality controlled and peer-reviewed.

Digitalized office

Get a paperless office. View your records anywhere, anytime through your client portal through a mobile app you can download.

Customer care

We always respond to messages or calls on the same day. Direct WhatsApp contact to your dedicated account manager.

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we are part of the family. all the way through.

We are not another accounting firm. We are business partners and strive to make your business succeed.

Seamless integration to your process

our professional services Include:

You will get industry standard books. Knowing your data will be just as useful to any accountant or professional you want to work with.

Monthly Management Reporting

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Taxation services
Corporate secretarial services
Statutory audit services

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Important Things You Should Know

Questions And Answers

How it works

Our pricing is a simple monthly subscription where you pay for what you use based on your expenses in the prior month. There are no hourly charges. You can try our service for one month risk free.

See our pricing page for more details.

Yes! Support is included as part of your plan — no extra hourly charges to worry about. Your dedicated bookkeeper is happy to answer any questions you might have.

We strive to address questions in a business day or less.

Tianlong Services does all of its bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online/Xero because it offers a number of advantages:

  • Seamless tax prep. Virtually every tax preparer in the Singapore knows how to work with QuickBooks or Xero. You’ll have the freedom to choose any tax preparer you want.
  • Industry standard. In addition to tax preparers, most other financial professionals (e.g. attorneys, bankers, and venture capitalists) all know how to work with QuickBooks and Xero. Again, this gives you the most freedom when making financial decisions.
  • Data portability. QuickBooks or Xero means you’re not locked in. If you ever decide to move on from Tianlong Services, your data goes with you, in a format that is immediately useful.

Tianlong Services will do the data entry.

All you need to do is to provide us the documents so that we can enter into the accounting system.

You can provide us the documents either by:

  1. Scanning and uploading into your Client Portal (no additional charge for client portal).
  2. Deliver the documents to our office so that we can scan and upload on your behalf.
  3. We will collect your documents at your operating address on a monthly basis (additional charges apply).

It is depending on your business processes, we will let you know once we have an understanding of your business processes.

To have an idea, the most common ones are:

  1. Invoices issued to your customers
  2. POS machine sales summary
  3. Delivery notes / Goods receipt note / Service reports
  4. Supplier invoices (Purchases, rental, utilities, telecom)
  5. Insurance / lease / rental / vehicle hire-purchase agreements
  6. Bank / shareholder loan agreements
  7. Payroll summary
  8. Master Inventory SKUs and newly added SKUs purchased during the month

The list will be discussed and confirmed once we understand your business processes better.

Do let us know the related party or intercompany transactions as well, so that we can classify accordingly.

Generally, our customers are businesses with high volume transactions, technology companies, and mature family business with 1-120 employees. But we think we are a great match for any forward thinking company no matter the industry.

If you’re not sure Tianlong Services is right for you, please get in touch with us.

You can request for a free trial month to find out if Tianlong Services is right for you.

Step 1: Request a free trial

Step 2: A representative will contact you to understand your business

Step 3: Provide us with your documents – we will let you know which documents after understanding your business. It can be bank statement, supplier invoice or salary details

Step 4: We will data entry and provide you with usable financial reports such as income statement and balance sheet

Step 5: If you decide to continue with us, we will bill you for the following month and collect your documents as per usual

Step 6: When it is ACRA annual filing time, we will submit for you at no additional cost (Free corporate secretary)

Step 7: Cycle repeats

Step 8: If you intend to use us for the long term, you can prepay annually to enjoy further savings

We will return your documents on the next trip to your operating address. Meanwhile if you need to access that document that we took, you can access it on your client portal first. When we collect your documents, we will scan and upload it on the next working day.

Yes, we can. You just need to connect with your assigned bookkeeper to let him/her know the invoice date, amount and who are the recipients.

No, all our plans have unlimited transactions incurred for your business.

No additional charges, you can view prices here.


Our pricing is a simple monthly subscription where you pay for what you use. There are no hourly charges. You can try our service for one month risk free.

See our pricing page for more details.

No, there are no extra fees for asking questions – in fact, we encourage it.

Prepaying significantly reduces your costs because it locks you into a cheaper pricing table than paying monthly. If your number of transactions exceeds the amount you’ve prepaid for, you’ll simply get billed the difference that month (at the discounted yearly rate).

We understand the importance of predictability and transparency. Every month, we’ll take your expenses amount to calculate your current rate. Your monthly expenses feeds into our pricing matrix and you’ll be charged the corresponding amount.

No hidden fees or tricks. We will inform you all the fees upfront.

If you’re on a monthly plan, you can cancel by providing us with notice at least 30 days before the end of a month, and we won’t bill you for the following month. 

If you’re on an annual prepaid plan and you’re dissatisfied with the service for any reason, you can cancel and we’ll refund the amount you prepaid for any unelapsed months.

No. Request a free trial and you’re ready to go.

No contracts if you do not need one.

And if you are not satisfied for any reason after the trial, you can cancel and won’t get billed further. The profit & loss, balance sheet and accounting reports that we’ve prepared for you are yours to keep as well.

Your expenses generally include all the money your company spends each month, including payroll, cost of goods sold, administration and distributions.

If a large percentage of your expenses are cost of goods sold, we will provide you with a custom quote.

Compliance matters

Yes we will provide inclusive of preparation and filing of of ECI and Form C/C-S as well.

All you need to do is to be with us for at least a year so as not to pay additional for taxation services.

Yes we do.

Contact us at [email protected] or 6100 1026 to discuss further.

Yes, the corporate secretarial service is free for you for the purpose of filing your Annual Returns and holding AGM.

ACRA Annual Filing fees costs S$60, we will absorb it for you.

The only catch is that you have to be with us for a year.

Other ACRA filing other than Annual Returns and AGM will be charged additionally.

Yes. All of our bookkeeping services is inclusive of ACRA annual filing and AGM. You have to be with us for at least a year to be eligible for the free ACRA filing of Annual Returns and AGM.

Additional charges apply for other ACRA matters such as EGM (Extraordinary general meeting), changing of officers’ particulars or changing of business activity.

There is no additional charges for corporate secretary services for the purpose of ACRA Annual Filing and AGM. Most businesses fall into this category.

We provide quarterly GST filing of Form F5 services. You can request for a free trial for GST registered companies as per normal.

We will help you to prepare and file your GST on a quarterly basis.

Client Portal

Please refer to our video helpdesk at

You will find videos such as creating a folder, moving files and uploading your files.

You can click on the red button at the top of our website or you can visit

After confirming your trial, we will create an account for you at no additional charges.

No unfortunately. It has a recurring cost on our side. But you get to keep your accounts at QuickBooks/Xero!

We do not hold and keep your information after you cancel with us. This gives you the flexibility to choose your right bookkeeper and accountant.

You can view our client portal orientation videos on YouTube to have an understanding on how to navigate. If you have any questions on using your client portal, feel free to connect with your assigned bookkeeper.

View our YouTube playlist here.


Your assigned bookkeeper will key in data, reconciles your accounts, categorizes your transactions, and produces your financial statements. They also make adjustments to your books to ensure they’re tax-compliant.

Occasionally your bookkeeper might need your input on things like categorizing a transaction, but we try our best to make bookkeeping as hands-off as possible for you. 

You can also book a call with your bookkeeper (or send them an in-app message) whenever you’d like. There’s no extra fee or hourly charges for support—we’re always happy to help out about bookkeeping and your financial statements.

Once we receive all of your documents, we’ll complete your bookkeeping for the month within 3-15 business days, depending on your business complexity. This gives us enough time to make any necessary adjustments after your review.

Bookkeeping gives you a crystal clear picture of where your money is coming (and going). When your books are up-to-date, you get an accurate measure of your business’s health, and can make smarter financial decisions.

Bookkeeping is the process of recording daily transactions in a consistent way, and is a key component to building a financially successful business. Bookkeepers take care of the day-to-day financials, like posting credits and debits, maintaining the general ledger, and completing payroll.

Accounting is a high-level process that uses financial information compiled by a bookkeeper or business owner, and produces financial models using that information.

Xero, QuickBooks and other bookkeeping software give you a tool to do your own bookkeeping.

Tianlong Services does your bookkeeping for you. With Tianlong Services, you get a team of real, expert bookkeepers in addition to business consultation. You’ll always have the human support you need, and easily access your up-to-date financials without you having to manually do it yourself.

It includes bookkeeping, accounting, tax and corporate secretarial services.

If you are GST registered, additional $285 per quarter ($95 per month) will be billed for GST calculation, GST Form F5 preparation and filing services.

For payroll services, it is additional $20 per employee per month.

Additionally, you can get our advanced KPI report for only at $390 per month with insights on revenue, costs and operating ratios. Visualize your numbers so that you know where you can improve your earnings.

Have you seen enough to make a decision?

Bookkeeping is an important foundation for any business, so we understand if you have questions.
We address common concerns in our FAQ — but always feel free to reach out with specific questions.

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