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You didn’t start a business to track financial statements or make cash flow statements. We did.

Get the freedom to focus on your business. Get the benefits of a professional bookkeeper at a price you can afford.

How it works


First, we’ll introduce you to a dedicated bookkeeper.

They’ll get to know your business, show you how Tianlong Services works, and gather everything they need from you.


Then each month, your bookkeeper imports your business transactions and gets to work on your books.

If they need anything from you, they’ll get in touch.


Real-time and monthly financial reporting let you track your business health and performance.

You can rely on our bookkeeping services for accurate financial information and focus on your business.

What you get with tianlong services

Expert bookkeeping

Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping

Tianlong Services provide accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapre.

You will get a dedicated bookkeeper supported by a team of in-house experts.

They’re here to take tedious admin work and bookkeeping stress off your plate — for good.

Why business owners choose tianlong services

Bookkeeping in accordance with Singapore Financial Reporting Standards

Business financials are always quality controlled and peer-reviewed

We always respond to messages or calls in one business day or less

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeeping is an important foundation for any business, so we understand if you have questions.
We address common concerns in our FAQ — but always feel free to reach out with specific questions.
How it works

Our pricing is a simple monthly subscription where you pay for what you use based on your expenses in the prior month. There are no hourly charges. You can try our service for one month risk free, no upfront fees.

See our pricing page for more details.

Yes! Support is included as part of your plan — no extra hourly charges to worry about. Your dedicated bookkeeper is happy to answer any questions you might have.

We strive to address questions in a business day or less.

Generally, our customers are startups, technology companies, and mature family business with 1-120 employees. But we think we are a great match for any forward thinking company no matter the industry.

If you’re not sure Tianlong Services is right for you, please get in touch with us.

You can also request for a free trial month to find out if Tianlong Services is right for you.

Step 1: Request a free trial

Step 2: A representative will contact you to understand your business

Step 3: Provide us with your documents – we will let you know which documents after understanding your business. It can be bank statement, supplier invoice or salary details

Step 4: We will data entry and provide you with usable financial reports such as income statement and balance sheet

Step 5: If you decide to continue with us, we will bill you for the following month and collect your documents as per usual

Step 6: When it is ACRA annual filing time, we will submit for you at no additional cost (Free corporate secretary)

Step 7: Cycle repeats

Step 8: If you intend to use us for the long term, you can prepay annually to enjoy further savings

Tianlong Services does all of its bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online/Xero because it offers a number of advantages:

  • Seamless tax prep. Virtually every tax preparer in the Singapore knows how to work with QuickBooks or Xero. You’ll have the freedom to choose any tax preparer you want.
  • Industry standard. In addition to tax preparers, most other financial professionals (e.g. attorneys, bankers, and venture capitalists) all know how to work with QuickBooks and Xero. Again, this gives you the most freedom when making financial decisions.
  • Data portability. QuickBooks or Xero means you’re not locked in. If you ever decide to move on from Tianlong Services, your data goes with you, in a format that is immediately useful.

Tianlong Services will do the data entry.

All you need to do is to provide us the documents so that we can enter into the accounting system.

You can provide us the documents either by:

  1. Scanning and uploading into your Client Portal (no additional charge for client portal)
  2. Deliver the documents to our office so that we can scan and upload on your behalf (additional charges apply).

No, there are no extra fees for asking questions – in fact, we encourage it.

We understand the importance of predictability and transparency. Every month, we’ll take your expenses amount to calculate your current rate. Your monthly expenses feeds into our pricing matrix and you’ll be charged the corresponding amount.

No hidden fees or tricks. We will inform you all the fees upfront.

Our goal is simple and transparent pricing. In examining different models, we found that expenses reflected intensity of work done while also having the advantage of being simple to calculate.

If you’re on a monthly plan, you can cancel by providing us with notice at least 14 days before the end of a month, and we won’t bill you for the following month. 

If you’re on an annual prepaid plan and you’re dissatisfied with the service for any reason, you can cancel and we’ll refund the amount you prepaid for any unelapsed months.

Prepaying significantly reduces your costs because it locks you into a cheaper pricing table than paying monthly. If your number of transactions exceeds the amount you’ve prepaid for, you’ll simply get billed the difference that month (at the discounted yearly rate).

No. Request a free trial and you’re ready to go.

If you are not satisfied for any reason after the trial, you can cancel and won’t get billed further. The profit & loss, balance sheet and accounting reports that we’ve prepared for you are yours to keep as well.

ACRA, IRAS and CPF matters

Yes. All of our bookkeeping services is inclusive of ACRA annual filing and AGM. You have to be with us for at least a year to be eligible for the free ACRA filing of Annual Returns and AGM.

Additional charges apply for other ACRA matters such as EGM (Extraordinary general meeting), changing of officers’ particulars or changing of business activity.

There is no additional charges for corporate secretary services for the purpose of ACRA Annual Filing and AGM. Most businesses fall into this category.

Yes we will provide free preparation and filing of of ECI and Form C/C-S as well.

All you need to do is to be with us for at least a year.

We provide quarterly GST filing of Form F5 services. You can request for a free trial for GST registered companies as per normal.

Yes we do.

Contact us at to discuss further.

Yes, the corporate secretarial service is free for you for the purpose of filing your Annual Returns and holding AGM.

ACRA Annual Filing fees costs S$60, we will absorb it for you.

The only catch is that you have to be with us for a year.

Other ACRA filing other than Annual Returns and AGM will be charged additionally.

Client Portal

Please refer to our video helpdesk at

You will find videos such as creating a folder, moving files and uploading your files.

You can click on the red button at the top of our website or you can visit

After confirming your trial, we will create an account for you at no additional charges.

No. But you get to keep your accounts at QuickBooks/Xero.

We do not hold and keep your information after you cancel with us. This gives you the flexibility to choose your right bookkeeper and accountant.

Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

Request a free trial

You will get a month’s worth of bookkeeping. 

Whether or not you continue with us, your reports for the month are yours to keep.