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At Tianlong Services, we believe in running a lean and agile business. 

This way, losses are minimized and value is created throughout the economy.

However, running a business can be difficult. That’s why we see this as an opportunity. We’re excited to simplify the accounting process for all business owners and present them with numbers, and an actionable plan.

Online Accounting

Accounting and bookkeeping is done online. Assess anywhere, anytime.

Remote working

Working anywhere offsite and still getting the same results.

Outsource staff

Save costs, increase profitability by outsourcing cost centers.

“A Business Partner you can trust”

Tianlong Services Pte Ltd

Our existence

Since 2017

Our founders are previously auditors from the big 4 in Singapore.

We are Chartered Accountants in Singapore with experience ranging from small family businesses to large listed companies and multi-national corporations.

Our qualifications include the Singapore CA Qualification, CA Singapore, ACCA, CPA Australia,  and Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals.

Based in Singapore

Meet our team

Solve one problem at a time

Most businesses approach us with a problem they have that they need to be solved.

With our background and experience, we can advise you on your documentation flow while maintaining compliance with the reporting standards stipulated by the Accounting Standards Council.

Moreover, we can advise you on accounting processes so that you can stay lean and cut off unnecessary costs. This way, you will have a healthy cash flow for your business and enjoy healthy profits.

get to know each other

We will introduce you with our team and you will know who you will be working with.

Qualified Accountants

We strive for perfection with every books we maintain.

determining your Needs

We will understand your needs and solve your problems as much as possible.
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Recurring Clients

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Call us for a free 30-min consultation on improving your accounting and reporting process. No obligations thereafter, we just want to be your business partners.

what do you need?

Work Gets Done

Either you are outsourcing for the first time, or have bad experienced in your previous encounter, we will make sure we are the last one you hire.

Accounting Services

Accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, chart of accounts creation and management report.

HR and Payroll

IR8A form, CPF contribution, maintaining leave, accrued bonuses, accrued vacation provision.

Corporate Secretary

Annual General Meeting (AGM), compliance with ACRA annual filing, XBRL, Directors' resolutions.

Statutory Audit

Is your company not exempted from statutory audit? Contact us if you need statutory audit.
"Tianlong Services can be relied upon when doing my books.”
Jasmine Lu

our team of experts are here for you

Still researching on which accounting firm you should hire? Contact us for a free 30-min no obligation phone call to assess if outsourcing works for your businesses.