FREE Corporate Secretary

Now you can DIY.

All you need is 15 mins.

If you don't have 15 mins, pay someone else to do it for you.

Corporate Secretarial firms typically charge $350 to $800.

I'd rather go for a holiday with the money.

What's in the guide?


Regulatory requirements

Do you meet the legal requirements to be your own corporate secretary?

Check out the checklist on Page 3.


When to file ACRA Annual Returns?

Know the deadlines to avoid ACRA files and warning letters.

P.S. You will be charged in court if you don’t file on time.


Documents needed

Follow the checklist on Page 5 to get the documents you need to submit ACRA annual returns.


How to get those documents?

Compiled for you a list to get all the documents needed for FREE.

Go to page 6 for the download links.


Filing ACRA Annual Returns

Step by step guide with screenshots guiding you all the way.

It can’t be any easier – it looks like a kindergarden book.


How do you know if you have filed successfully?

Check out this Bizfile tool to validate if you have successfully filed your annual returns.


Statutory registers to maintain as a corporate secretary

Free excel files to download. Nothing to pay here.

You can even be the corporate secretary for other people if you like!


What is minutes book?

As a corporate secretary, you will need to maintain minutes of meeting from directors’ meetings.

As usual, free word docx download. Easy.


BONUS: How to change officers particulars, company address, etc

Want to make changes to your company but not sure how to?

Turn to page 14. You can change the shares allotment as well.

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