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We are a corporate service provider

Corporate secretary

Fees at $220 per year, excluding related government filing fees.


Nett fees at $350 per incorporation of a Private Limited Company in Singapore.

Accounting services

Fees from $1,200 per year.

We will prepare your annual reports and financial statements based on Singapore Financial Reporting Standards.

Bookkeeping services

Fees from $300 per month.

We will key in all the invoices to the accounting software. You can minimize your data entry work and focus on your sales.

Managed services

Fees from $900 per month.

We will perform your specific requirements, such as preparing invoices, preparing payments online or cash flow analysis.

Virtual address

Fees at $120 per year to use our address.

Fees at $240 per year to use our address, including scanning services.

HR and Payroll services

Fees from $50 per headcount per month. We will perform the role of a full HR and Payroll provider such as prepare payslips, file your employees CPF and IR8A to IRAS.

Warehousing services

Fees from $5 per square meter per month.

E-commerce fulfilment

Fees from $0.50 per order fulfilment or 0.50% of total order.


White label

You have clients for incorporation/corporate secretary but want to get us to do the back-end work?

Outsource to us.


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If you would like to meet up to discuss about your accounting process, consult on how to make lean your company and how we can help, feel free to drop by!


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Everything is done online conveniently.

Including signatures, documents submission and payment.

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Yes, you do — ACRA requires every Singapore business to hire a Corporate Secretary within the first 6 months after the incorporation and later this position can’t be vacant for more than 6 months. Your Corporate Secretary has to be a Singapore resident. You can outsource this service to an agency like us.

No, these are two different roles in the company. Your Corporate Secretary does not receive the director status. However, if the same person wants to be both, Singapore law allows it. In this case, there must be other directors — a single director can’t be a company secretary too.

You need to let us know when you’ve initiated changes in your company: got a new registered address, replaced directors, officers or shareholders or decided you want a new name for the company. Just send us a message in the chat — we’ll prepare the documents, send them to you and you sign them electronically with a tap of your finger.

Yes, if you’d like to.

You have to be a Singapore citizen, or a permanent resident, or an EntrePass holder. Also, you can’t be both the only director and the Corporate Secretary.

For PIEs, you need to have all the qualifications of a Corporate Secretary plus 5 years of experience.

Switching company secretaries is easy. You would need to only prepare and submit the following documents to ACRA:

  1. A resignation letter from your previous company secretary

  2. A director’s resolution accepting both the resignation of the former secretary and the appointment of a new secretary

  3. Form 45B indicates the consent of the new company secretary to take up the role

  4. The above documents need to be submitted to ACRA within 14 days of the change of secretary.

You can hire a Corporate Secretary as your employee or outsource this service. Often a company does not have enough secretarial tasks for a full in-house job. When you entrust this role to Tianlong Services, you don’t have to pay a salary and associated taxes. The expense is limited to the package you choose.

A company secretary’s duties and functions are to take care of all the necessary documents required by law. It is their job to process every decision and every change your business goes through and report to ACRA accordingly.

They are responsible for:

  1. Maintaining and updating the company’s statutory registers such as the register of substantial shareholders, register of charges, register of members etc. as prescribed by the law.

  2. Sending notices of Annual General Meetings to the members and shareholders. The Secretary must also prepare the agenda and organize these meetings, and record the minutes.

  3. Ensure that the company and its directors abide by the rules set out by the Constitution of the Company at all times.

  4. Ensure that the company’s name and entity number are stated on all the notices, business letters and other official correspondences.

File necessary returns and forms with the Company Registrar within the specified timeline, such as Annual Returns, return of allotment of shares and notice of appointment or resignation of a director.

Only really big companies need an in-house Corporate Secretary – there is simply not much to do for the officer in a small one. Unless there are constant changes, the Corporate Secretary is only busy preparing for the AGM and filing the Annual Return once a year. If that is your case, outsource these services just like most of the small and medium companies in Singapore.

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