Closing the Books

The concept of closing the books refers to summarizing the information in the accounting records into the financial statements at the end of a reporting period. Many steps are required to do so. In this article, we give an overview of closing journal entries and the most prevalent closing activities that an organization is likely …

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An overview of Bookkeeping

Introduction Before a bookkeeper can engage in accounting activities, it is first necessary to understand the basic underpinnings of accounting, as well as the general flow of accounting transactions. In this article, we describe the concept of an accounting framework and accounting principles, on which all accounting activities are based. We then give an overview …

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What is a Bookkeeper?

Introduction The bookkeeper position covers an exceptionally broad range of activities. It requires a person to be able to shift rapidly between many activities during a typical business day. In this article, we discuss the main requirements of the position, the qualifications needed by a bookkeeper, interactions with advisors, and related topics. The Bookkeeper Position …

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