4 Services To Look Out For In An Outsource Accounting Firm

4 Services To Look Out For In An Outsource Accounting Firm

When looking into outsource accounting in Singapore, it is important to note down what kind of services the accounting firm offers and see if it can help your business in terms of accounting and tracking your financial records as well. It is also important to thoroughly conduct as much research as you can before committing to an accounting firm to ensure that they are the best option for your company and to also ensure that they are able to deliver the needs that you are looking for in terms of your business finances. In this article, we will be sharing four services to look out for when researching outsource accounting firms.

Bookkeeping services 

The first thing to look out for is their bookkeeping services. Although you might overlook this because most outsource accounting firms in Singapore do offer bookkeeping services to begin with, it is still crucial to check that the company that you are researching on offers bookkeeping services that your company can benefit from.

By doing your bookkeeping for you, you will be able to track your financial transactions, all your financial records as well as your different sources of revenue, income and even the losses that your business has had to endure. Ensuring that you have accurate bookkeeping done will allow you to hold accurate records of anything financially related to your business.

Tracking cash flow in your business

Another key service that you should look out for is how the accounting firm is going to conduct the tracking of your cash flow. Before looking into it, you should understand the tracking of cash flow in your business is crucial. It dives deep into making sure that you can accurately track the sources whereby your company’s revenue is coming from.

Another benefit is that you will be able to track the losses that your company has suffered. This is one of the crucial ways that will allow you to identify sources where your business is doing better and give you the opportunity as a business to work on the sources that may not be doing as well financially and grow.

Payroll services

Another key service that you should look out for is the payroll services that the firm offers. The firms that you are researching should comply with the Singapore’s rules and regulations on payroll as required. The firm can help you with payroll services as it allows you to not focus too much on your employees’ monthly pay checks and can save you time from doing too much admin work. These services usually include generating pay slips for your employees and even issuing out their salary to each of your employees’ designated bank accounts which can save you a lot of time and manpower which can be used for other business matters such as your operations.

Track your business’ growth

Lastly, one of the other services that you can look out for is how the firm that you are researching is how they are able to track your business’ growth. Financially, these firms can track your business’ growth through old data that your business already has. This can help you to organise and track how your business is doing and how you can improve further. This will also give you the opportunity to do well in areas that you might not be doing well in, and you can also seek advice on ways to improve your business financially.


There are many benefits to outsource accounting and you should always do your research prior to enquiring an accounting firm that can allow you to grow your business financially and improve further. They can also help you to grow your business internally and can even help to improve your efficiency and productivity within your company as well.

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