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The use of virtual offices has become increasingly popular over the years, especially for small companies. While each package differs, virtual office packages usually include services such as business addresses, communication services like phone and receptionist services, and business meeting spaces.

Why You Need Virtual Office Services in Singapore

Traditionally, one of the requirements for incorporating a company in Singapore is having a registered office address. You must rent a physical space to use as an office for your business. However, in recent times, a number of companies have chosen to utilise virtual offices, where they rent a business address and use it as their own.

A virtual office is vital for many international entrepreneurs after setting up a Singapore company. This is increasingly becoming the better option because Singapore’s office rents have jumped significantly over the past decade compared to any other city in the world. The demand for commercial space means that shared office solutions are a cost-effective option compared with renting a dedicated office.

Tianlong Services Pte Ltd is a leading company that offers a wide range of services of a virtual office in Singapore.

Our package includes

Virtual Business Address

No matter where you live, a Virtual Business Address allows you to receive mail and register a mailing address to use for your business. We accept all your mails and you can choose to pick them up yourself or have them forwarded to you. The best part is that your customers and clients will never know you use a Virtual Business Address.

Virtual Office Address

You can work from home and use a Virtual Office Address for all your work needs. A Virtual Office Address can be used for work, finding work, or for any other purpose deemed necessary in the day-to-day operations of your business. You can avoid the high overhead and operational costs associated with monthly rentals of office premises while increasing your company’s profitability.

Call Answering and Forwarding

This is a valuable service if you want to divert phone calls to a Singapore/overseas mobile or fixed line. All you have to do is provide us with a specific Singapore phone line and we will manage all incoming calls for you. Furthermore, if you are time-starved to answer calls for your customer support, our call answering service is an ideal solution to handling all incoming calls in the course of your preferred working hours. Such call answering and forwarding services would make your clients have the much-needed confidence in your business.

Fax Number

In numerous circumstances, your business will find that fax mailing is more reliable and convenient for your business compared to physical mails or e-mails. We recommend that you secure a dedicated fax number with us for your Singapore business because it plays a significant role in your business’ growth. You can display the fax number on your corporate letterheads, websites, name cards, forms, or souvenirs and be rest assured that faxes are delivered directly to your email in 24/7.

Virtual offices can be a cost-effective option for your businesses. Unlike renting an actual office space, the use of a virtual office provides more flexibility to business owners as it allows them to choose the types of services to subscribe for. With the variety of plans available, it is important to do your research on these packages to find the virtual office that caters best to your business’ demands.

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