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Accounting Services

As per Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS), all Singapore incorporated companies must maintain a well-structured system of their book of accounts and financial reports. By using our advanced accounting software systems, your company can accomplish its bookkeeping and accounting functions in a timely and accurate manner.

Accounting department

No business can function for long without an accounting department, and the accounting department cannot function without efficient accounting systems. Whether you are a self-employed person in Singapore working out of your home or a giant organization with operations in multiple countries, you will need an efficient system of accounts to handle all your financial business matters.

A proper accounting system

Eases data entry process and saves your time

Enables you to be compliant with rules of legislations

Enables you to monitor the health of your business and make strategic decisions

Helps you manage cash flow and compliance needs

How an Efficient Accounting System can help your Business

If your company is in the early stages, and you need funds, now may be the right time to set up your simple accounting function. You don’t want to get too far in the game without establishing a simple accounting system, but you also don’t want to make it too complicated. The early stages is when you need to establish the structure that will support your company finances, and help define your financial strategy, as you grow.

If your company is established and your transitions have increased over time, we can offer you comprehensive services related to your accounting system, which relieves you from stress associated with ongoing accounting works.

How our Accounting Set up Process Works

Setting up of accounting system could increase the efficiency and improve the tracking process of the business records. We do provide guidance and helps on setting up the accounting system in the following ways:

  • Putting together financial documents
  • Creating filling system for documents
  • Determining each accounting requirement
  • Selection of accounting software
  • Generating and analyzing reports

Our wide range of accounting software are not only user-friendly, but also compliant with IRAS and ACRA statutory requirements and customizable. By setting up accounting system in your organization, you can increase the efficiency of the business. This enables you to enhance your ability to track, analyze and improve your financial status.





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