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Design an effective service process and strategy for your company with Tianlong Services.

Our team of executive level service professionals and consultants are experts at helping your organization manage the rapid change and complexities inherent to technology service operations. They have spent their careers running service operations and solving the complex problems that challenge the industry.

How can help help you?

Our proven service design process leverages input from key stakeholders within your organization and real world observation to determine the changes necessary to optimize service processes. In addition, we will align processes with industry standards and best practices to ensure your success.

Our Approaches

Our service process redesign process and reengineering projects typically include:

  • A comprehensive review of all detailed processes
  • Alignment of new processes to industry standards and best practices
  • Analysis and identification of failure points in current processes
  • Analysis of resource requirements necessary to execute new processes
  • Change management training and roll out to the organization
  • Creation of measures of success and key performance indicators
  • Determination of any systems impact and required enhancements
  • Monitoring and tracking of performance to ensure success
  • Process redesign and creation of new process flows and descriptions

Our professional service strategies consultants stay engaged to monitor your organizational and process changes in order to fine tune the ongoing assistance and ensure a continued success.

Why You Need Service Process Redesign

Essentially, service design is customer-centred business development. That is why you must engage in service design. Service design offers a new way of creating and improving services because its core ensures you understand users, while developing an engaging way of developing the customer journey and processes.

Generally you need service process redesign because we help you break down false conceptions of customers. Examining the user helps us to see the reality of the customer and eliminate false, even delusional, views.

Service design methods bring the user experience and service integration to the centre of design and therefore shift the attention from local optimisation to comprehensive examination.

We conduct a thorough analysis of processes and operating procedures to identify opportunities for improvement that will enable your company to deliver the most efficient services to customers at the right level of quality.

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Improving productivity in services often requires speeding up the overall process, since the cost of creating a service is usually related to how long it takes to deliver each step in the process. Customers don’t mind spending time, but when they are busy, they hate wasting time and often view time expenditures as something to be minimized. How can you redesign an effective service process to deliver the needs of your customers?

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