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Get fast, reliable, efficient outsourced staff solutions for your business.

If you are finding it difficult to manage or accomplish work schedules in your company, your search for the best outsourced manpower service that matches your job requirements stops with Tianlong Services. Outsourcing our competent and skilled staff in Singapore is our expertise.

Why Hire Our Outsourced Staff?

Outsourced staff refers to employees hired by a company from a third-party contractor to carry out specific tasks for the client company under an outsourcing contract.

Hiring us will not only help you eliminate the logistical involvedness of job placements through your business model, but also ensure you maintain more control over the productivity of your workforce.

We have a staffing system that suits most SMEs in Singapore. Our outsourced staff can help you improve the management of manpower resources since you’ll have enough time to monitor the performance of your employees.

To save your time and effort, we supply you with competent staff for urgent jobs via our platform while also taking care of their paperwork, benefits, and even payroll. In most situations, we assume the bulk of routine tasks associated with hiring employees for your preferred tasks.

Basically, we act as the employee management system for your company even if it means working closely with your internal human resource department.

Services Provided by Our Outsourced Staff

Data Entry

The data entry process requires attention to detail and can be extremely time-consuming. To help businesses address such challenges, we provide fast, accurate and detailed data entry services to keep your records updated throughout the year. This includes data extraction, data conversion, data cleansing, file conversion, form processing, mailing list compilation, etc.

Invoice Processing

Using the latest invoice processing software, we accomplish the highest accuracy within a short time. Outsourcing your invoice processing to us allows you to receive invoices in different formats i.e., both scanned hard copies and electronic versions. Our outsourced staff also match purchase orders to invoices and enter the data into your financial system.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping function to us ensures your financial records are summarised, interpreted, sorted, and analysed using latest software in Singapore. Our outsourced staff can help you prepare financial statements, manage bank account operations, analyze financial data, and prepare the outgoing invoices quickly and efficiently

Statutory Reporting

Statutory reporting and meeting deadlines usually seem like a daunting task for many companies. Our competent team of outsourcing staff are well equipped with the right skills to do for you the hard work and ensure that everything is kept smooth according to ACRA and MAS regulations. We take a structured approach to complete and submit statutory reports before the deadline.

Benefits of Hiring Tianlong Services Outsourced Staff

Tianlong Services believes strongly in quality service deliveries. Our outsourcing team include a synergistic blend of professionals who are highly experienced in the business and technology fields. 

We have the capacity to fully understand your staffing requirements and always give you the chance to discuss your projects comprehensively to fully enjoy the following benefits.

  • Cloud-based management
  • Transparent and competitive pricing
  • We assure you of privacy and confidentiality
  • No need to train employees or invest in costly software
  • We provide a decent and conducive work environment for all outsourced staff
  • We stay updated with statutory reporting requirements and legislative changes
  • We help you save redundant costs associated with hiring dedicated in-house employees
  • Our end-to-end payroll services include overtime, adjustments, compensatory leave, etc.
  • Our outsourced staff are protected by the Employment Act (EA), Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA), and the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA).
  • We seek to forge a long-term collaborative business relationship with our clients

Hire When You Want, Who You Want, Where You Want. Now.

Contact us today. Managing your workforce can be so simple when outsourced to Tianlong Services. Outsourcing of employees helps you streamline your operations, reduce the administrative burden, save money, and free up time to do what you’re great at. It’s just good business sense!





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