Organizational Learning Strategy

Organizational learning

What can we do to improve your organization’s ability to learn?

How can we create an integrated strategy for learning?

And how can we assess how well that strategy is working?

Why choose us

Tianlong Services helps organisations to come up with organisational learning and development strategies as a road map for aligning leaders and leveraging learning resources to improve their overall human capital related capabilities and systems. This helps organisations to achieve competitive advantage.

Many companies are either talking about being or trying to become a learning organization. Often, though, being a learning organization is more aspirational than current reality because they are constrained by tight operating margins and limited resources.

Being a learning organization requires different mindsets around success and failure as well as recognizing the less immediately tangible value of consistent investments made in people over the long term.

To develop a strategy and roadmap, we do the following

  • Understand and analyse organizational short term and long term goals
  • Review and define human capital needs mapped to organizational growth plans
  • Review organizational structure and competency maps vis-à-vis the functions and roles
  • Study past and current training initiatives and their outcomes
  • Define desired employee performance metrics/benchmarks
  • Building a cost-benefit analysis to help you assess ROI of a Strategic Learning Strategy for the organization
  • Build a budget plan for immediate and long term learning interventions mapped to organizational outcomes
  • Present a strategic roadmap with an implementation plan

What We Do, How We Create, and How We Assess Your Learning Strategy

To build a systemic Organizational Learning Strategy for building and developing a sustainable human capital pool, we undertake multiple short term initiatives with the vision of a persuasive long term plan.

We help create an organization-wide strategy for holistic, integrated performance development interventions. The roadmap takes into account the organizational evolution and vision and plans for cohesively driving all initiatives towards desired strategic organizational goals.

With identified goals established and steps outlined to reach them, we can implement the organisational leaning strategy processes that encourage a learning environment and capitalize on staff interest and excitement to be part of it. We carry out the process smoothly through the following:

Skilled Trainers

Our trainers have specialized Organizational Learning competencies in various areas of expertise.

Accurate, Up-to-Date Documentation

Our policies and procedures establish the standards for acceptable behaviours and business practices. We provide valuable reference materials to support learning and development efforts.

Supportive Learning Technologies

We use learner-directed e-learning, webinars and other online delivery methodologies.

Supportive Leaders

Our executive support is essential to create learning within your organization. The executives and leaders can be valuable mentors and coaches.

Subject Matter Experts

Our firm has highly experienced, talented individuals who are content and process experts. Their expertise can be incorporated into your learning programs.

External Vendors and Consultants

We have a myriad external learning and development resources available at little or no cost.

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