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Looking for an efficient independent analysis of your company’s internal control function?

Co-source or outsource your internal audit function to Tianlong Services and utilize our unmatched self-assessment tools and high quality assurance reviews. We can help you meet Singapore’s regulatory and licencing compliance requirements by performing a thorough assessment of your internal control functions.

Why Co-source/Outsource Your Internal Audit Function?

Internal Audit is usually carried out by internal auditors and supervised by a company’s management to ensure that their operations are compliant with the specified in-house rules and regulations.

At Tianlong Services, we are well equipped with the right approaches, credentials, and a team of skilled auditors ready to partner with you and provide independent reassurance that your processes of internal control, governance, and risk management are operating effectively.

Our internal audit services play a major supportive role to your leadership by maintaining an independent opinion towards achieving overall corporate objectives, while helping both the management and audit committees to balance your growth agenda and governance practices.

While internal auditors are usually appointed by a company’s management, co-sourcing or outsourcing related tasks to our qualified auditors will not only help you identify and assess business risks, but also to evaluate your corporate objectives in relation to your internal audit function.

Areas Covered By Our Internal Auditors

Our internal auditors comprehensively cover activities in the following 4 areas of your business:

Customer-facing Activities

  • Advertisement of products and services
  • Customer approvals
  • Customer meetings
  • Customer reporting
  • Customer suitability
  • Due diligence and reviews
  • Product suitability
  • Sales management

Business Support Activities

  • MAS filing
  • ACRA Filing
  • Business continuity plan and testing
  • Fee calculation
  • Hiring
  • Payroll and expenses
  • Staff appraisal
  • Staff training
  • User access controls

Investment Activities

  • Liquidity management
  • Broker evaluation
  • Cash management
  • Investment mandates monitoring
  • Independent custody of customer’s assets
  • Investor subscription
  • Portfolio construction
  • Trade settlement
  • Performance review
  • Research

Governance & Risk Management

  • Corporate secretarial activities
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Code of conduct
  • Conflict of interest
  • Contracts review
  • Risk monitoring and mitigating activities
  • Risk reporting
  • Enterprise wide risk assessment
  • Segregation of roles and responsibilities
  • Review of Policies and Procedures
  • Regulatory updates

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Internal Audit Function

Internal Audit Outsourcing allows your company to hire our audit experts for a specified period to carry out an independent analysis and assessments of various operations and transactions before issuing detailed reports about their findings.

Our expert team can help you enjoy the following benefits once you outsource your company’s internal audit function to us:

  • Convert fixed costs to variable costs.
  • Reduce costs related to internal audit recruitment and training.
  • Provide an in-depth scrutiny and perspective of your current internal audit function.
  • Provide advisory services to the senior management including audit committees.
  • Enjoy better flexibility of your staff, especially when having special projects.
  • Leverage effective thought leadership and knowledge sharing strategies.
  • Gain access to highly trained and knowledgeable experts.

Benefits of Co-sourcing Your Internal Audit Function

Internal Audit Co-sourcing allows your company to make the most of our knowledgeable team of expert auditors by partnering them with your current in-house audit staff. Through co-sourcing, Tianlong Services experts work together with your internal audit staff to streamline key audit processes and ensure they get the job done right.

Our expert team can help you enjoy the following benefits once you co-source your company’s internal audit function with us:

  • Effortlessly launch new projects
  • Improve the efficiency of your internal audit function
  • Managing key areas of your internal audit program e.g. bookkeeping
  • Gain access to skills, knowledge, and expertise of highly trained professionals
  • Provide a fresh perspective that may improve your internal audit function
  • Being able to address unforeseen staffing needs.

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To stay compliant and safe at all times, hiring our professional firm to handle the internal audit function of your business is the ideal way of ensuring that your operations are compliant with your specified in-house rules and regulations. We also ensure the records of your financial transactions are updated for future reference, and as per the law.

Tianlong Services Pte Ltd has the capacity to review all operational procedures, and the financial records of your company since our auditing system is updated with the latest standards in Singapore.





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