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Singapore is a scenic country that’s rich in history and culture that attracts visitors from all over the world. Globally, the city-state is recognised as an economic powerhouse that boasts of an enterprise-friendly environment that continues to attract entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations. Getting a Singapore work permit or visa is essential if you’re a foreigner who wants to work in the Southeast Asia country.

Singapore Immigration

While Singapore has slightly tightened its overall immigration policy in recent years, it continues to encourage immigration by highly-skilled and innovative foreigners who can demonstrate that they are able to draw a high compensation for their work in Singapore. Foreigners with those qualifications can work in Singapore under work visas and passes subject to satisfying their respective criteria.

How to work in Singapore

Work permit

S Pass

E Pass

Permanent Resident

Singapore Work Visas

The applicants of Singapore visa require a passport which has a validity of six months beyond their stay in Singapore. They must have onward and return tickets if it is applicable to their visa type. They must give proof of ability to financially support their stay in Singapore. Applicants of certain nations must give evidence of being vaccinated for Yellow fever if it is applicable to them. Applicants who are on a short-term visit to Singapore for tourism or social visit must give a letter of introduction from their contact person in Singapore.

A variety of passes are available for skilled and semi-skilled employees. Below are some considerations that will help you understand how Singapore passes are allocated, based on different parameters like education, professional work experience etc.

Singapore Employment Pass (EP)

It is important to note that the Singapore Employment Pass is for individuals (employees) and not for your business. If you are have already set up a business in Singapore, and you want to bring your employees from abroad, you must apply for an EP for them since it’s the valid pass for foreigners to work in Singapore. 

The following are other key facts:

  • An employer or authorised agent applies an EP for the candidate.
  • First-time candidates can receive an EP valid for up to 2 years.
  • Renewals can be valid up to 3 years.
  • Eligible EP holders can bring family members into Singapore on a Dependant Pass or Long Term Visit Pass.

Singapore S Pass

The S Pass is a special work visa that allows Singaporean companies to employ medium-skilled overseas technicians with advanced expertise in key developing industries, such as aerospace engineering, chemicals, electronics, marine, pharmaceuticals etc.  The S Pass is open to all nationalities and allows mid-level skilled staff with relevant qualifications and work experience to work in Singapore.

An employer or authorised agent can make an S Pass application for the candidate. An application is assessed based on a point system by looking into the following factors:

  • Salary;
  • Education qualifications;
  • Skills,
  • Job type; and

Work experience.

Work Permit

Work Permit (WP) is a pass that allows semi-skilled workers in labour-intensive sectors such as manufacturing, construction, marine or service sector to work in Singapore. Work permits in Singapore are determined mostly by your monthly salary. Private sectors essentially have a separate criteria for the issuance of work permits. Separate work permits for foreign domestic workers, nannies and performing artists are also available.

Being granted a work permit in Singapore has become more difficult as the government has tightened quotas.  Each industry has its own quota, and every month an employer with foreign employees is expected to give a monthly levy and provide compulsory medical insurance for every employee. Expats in the country on this permit also can’t sponsor any family members to join them.

Singapore Permanent Residence

The number of foreigners opting for permanent residency in Singapore is in the region of tens of thousands on an annual basis. Despite recent changes to the immigration legislation, the Lion City is still welcoming of foreign talent. Singapore continues to solidify itself as the “gateway to Asia,” as many people have become increasingly interested in not only doing business there but also becoming permanent residents.

There are three available schemes by which a foreigner can become a Singapore permanent resident:

  • Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme (PTS scheme)
  • Global Investor Program scheme (GIP Scheme)
  • Foreign Artistic Talent scheme (ForArts)

Generally, you can apply for Singapore immigration and work visas online visas including Singapore Working permit visa, Employment Pass visa, Personalized Employment Pass visa, Dependent Pass Scheme visa, Student visa, Permanent Residence Scheme for Work Pass Holders visa, and Investors PR Scheme visa. After submitting an application you can check the application status online.

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