Form IR21


An IR21 is used in Singapore by employers who hire foreign employees. This form is sent to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore by employers for the purpose of seeking tax clearances for foreign employees. Whenever necessary, employers file this form and withhold any money which would normally be due to the employee for the purposes of tax clearance.

Authorising Preparers and Approvers for Paper Filing or e-Filing Form IR21

You can authorise a third party like Tianlong Services to perform further actions on Form IR21 as soon as you have completed paper filing or e-Filing. The authorized individuals or companies are referred to as Preparers or Approvers.

Preparers can edit, delete, or retrieve an e-IR21 draft prepared by a different Preparer in your organization.

Approvers have more rights than Preparers since they perform all activities that Preparers are entitled to. Approvers can edit, delete, or retrieve an e-IR21 draft and unlike Preparers, they can carry out the same activities for e-IR21 drafts prepared by other Approvers in your organization.

It’s important to note that you can only view records that are saved as drafts or submitted within the past 21 days.

Modes of Filing Form IR21


Filing through the e-filing options is the most preferred means. Here you will be required to create an account with the IRAS through their My Tax Portal. The benefits are that you get an immediate notification once you have dully completed the filling process. It is more convenient and faster to file as compared with paper filling. And lastly, you can view the clearance directive and print it on-line. You don’t have to wait for its delivery by post from the tax man.

Paper filing

If you are not comfortable with on-line filing you can opt for paper filing. Here you will need to download the IR21 form on-line. File the returns manually and once you have completed filling post the forms to their postal address below:

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
55 Newton Road
Singapore 307987

Processing takes more than 21 days after which you will receive a tax clearance directive from IRAS by post.

What’s Next After Paper Filing or e-Filing Form IR21?

If you choose to paper file your Form IR21 by fax or mail, you can view the processing status by getting in touch with IRAS.

If you choose to go the e-Filing route, you will be automatically redirected to an acknowledgement page as soon as you submit the consolidated statement to prove that you have successfully completed the e-Filing process.


If you are interested in viewing the finer details of the form after paper filing or e-Filing Form IR21, you can go online and click on the triangle icon beside the Form IR21 record. This will allow you to alter details, such as:

  • The Acknowledgement Number;
  • The Date of Receipt;
  • The Processed Date of the Form;
  • Who Prepared the Form;
  • Who Last Updated The Form; and
  • The Mode of Filing.

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