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Tianlong’s Customer Journey Mapping is a methodology to map the steps of your customer experience from the customer’s perspective, so you can identify and act on and improve each aspect of their experience.

What is customer mapping journey?

It can be challenging for your company to get into the minds of your customers. You may wonder why a customer spends so long browsing your website and adding products to their cart just to close the tab or why it’s taking them several steps to buy from you when it should only take a few moments.

The reason you are intimidated by customer journey mapping is that you have the wrong view of it. You think it has to be an accurate representation, something that is representative of every nuance of the customer’s experience. But that is impossible.

Whatever the confusion may be, the root cause is that you most likely don’t have a clear grasp of the customer journey with your company. The customer journey is the process by which a customer interacts with a company in order to achieve a goal.

You can use a journey map for any of these reasons


Get a better understanding of your customer experience by cross-referencing journey maps with core metrics


Identify opportunities to optimize your customer experience, by focusing on the moments that matter most to your customers


Diagnose serious customer experience issues, whether in a single journey or across multiple ones


Identify where new products or services can improve existing customer journeys, or create completely new ones

Why Do You Need Customer Journey Mapping

You might be telling yourself, “This doesn’t seem necessary for me or my company. We understand the needs and pain points of our customers, thank you very much.” This may be true at surface-level.

However, breaking down the customer journey phase by phase, aligning each step with a goal, and restructuring your touchpoints accordingly are essential steps towards maximizing customer success.

Using customer experience data and mapping it back to specific touchpoints is how you start to understand the key moments that influence customer behavior. By analyzing this feedback side by side with your core customer experience metrics, you’re able to identify the improvements that will have the biggest impact on your customers and their overall experience as well as the impact on organization metrics like win rates, sales and customer lifetime value.

How Our Customer Journey Mapping Works

We can help you understand your customer journey map using a visual representation of the process a customer or prospect goes through to achieve a goal with your company. With the help of a customer journey map, you can get a sense of your customers’ motivations, their needs and pain points.

We’ll ask you the following questions:

  • Do you know why your customers are churning?
  • Are you promoting advocacy at the right time?
  • Are there stages along your customer journey that need to be improved in order to maximize revenue?

By understanding what these motivations are, you can understand how to structure your touchpoints to create the most effective and efficient process for your customers. A customer journey map maps out the current process, from the first to final touchpoint, to see if your customers are currently reaching the goals and, if not, how they can.

How Can We Help?

We help you understand that customer journey maps need to have a purpose and should be actionable, measurable and dynamic. This allows you to ensure their effectiveness and determines success.

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