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If you’re wondering what you can do to keep your Singapore business ticking along without borrowing money, or even worse running out altogether, then look no further than good cost and cash flow management.

Whether it’s for an individual or business, a good cash flow management system is crucial for tracking where your money comes and goes. For individuals who have steady, regular streams of income and predictable spending patterns, managing cash flow is not complicated.

For Singapore companies with multiple revenue streams and multiple cost centres, managing cash flow can become complicated and even burdensome in the long term. All the same, all companies should do it as part of a good management system.

Benefits of Cash Flow Management

Cash is the lifeblood of your Singapore business; if you have enough you will thrive, but without it your business may wither and die. Managing your cash resources and making sure you have enough to meet your needs, such as paying wages, buying supplies and meeting your personal financial requirements, is absolutely critical.

Below are some key benefits of good cash flow management.

  • You won’t run out of cash to run your projects
  • You can pay your staff on time
  • You can purchase all the raw ingredients you need to fulfil your orders
  • You can grow and expand your business
  • You can easily borrow loan and attract investors

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Negative Effects of Poor Cash Flow Management

Poor cash flow can affect much more than the financial performance of your business. The non-financial costs of poor cash flow can have just as negative an impact on your business as the financial costs. You company may find itself:

  • Running into liquidity issues.
  • Lacking the proper foresight, future direction, and strategy.
  • Paying for additional interest and bank charges
  • Having poor relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Experiencing restricted growth and development resulting from obscured liquidity position

Effective cash flow management typically involves optimising your payables and collections. As a Singapore business owner, you need to have a clear understanding of their payables and expenses in order to prioritise payments based on their respective criticality and their own account balances. This could be in terms of timing, importance to the business cycle or cost of late payments.

Our Cost and Cash Flow Management Services

Tianlong Services has the unique capacity and skills to help you strengthen your business’ operational and financial functions using a number of financial management aspects. Our business experts offer integrated and holistic approaches of managing your growing business with the key objective of profit and cash flow improvement.

The information accuracy on cost and cash flow management can only be realized if an entity has good bookkeeping record. Please contact us TODAY to get you started.

Tips of Managing Cost and Cash Flow of Your Singapore Business

Not sure how to manage your cash flow properly and ensure you have a positive financial position, while managing all costs associated with your business?

Below are 10 quick tips our business improvement experts at Tianlong Services have put together just for you:

  1. Consider offering shorter payment terms.
  2. Automate your invoicing to prevent delayed payments.
  3. Maintain cash reserves to cover unexpected expenses or shortfalls.
  4. Use different payment methods to keep the money flowing into the business.
  5. Pay close attention to your daily ordering activities to help you predict future sales.
  6. Improve your account receivables by making sure your customers pay you on time.
  7. Boost your sales to guarantee you always have more money coming in than going out.
  8. Save cash you have on hand. Before buying anything, always ask if you really need it!
  9. Perform a regular cash flow forecast by estimating your expenditure versus your profits.
  10. Leverage technology or the online tools that can help you get on top of your cash flow. For example, Tianlong accounting software, an inventory system, or an order management app.





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