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Many companies rely on long-term relationship management with their customers.

Tianlong Services is no different.

Over time, customers have increasingly needed access to information or share personal information easily to companies.

Therefore, client portal is the best remedy for companies to provide their customers with excellent experiences.

Why Do You Need A Client Portal?

Traditionally, email and phone have been the most favored channels that customers have relied on to contact businesses whenever they need help. However, with a dedicated client portal at the customer’s disposal, businesses have pounced on the use of tickets to enable customers to enjoy improved and quick self-service.

Offering customers a client portal is an important step towards building a satisfying self-service experience for customers, while also improving transparency and freeing customer service agents to work on more difficult issues.

The client portal gives customers access to multiple resources at their fingertips. Users who visit the client portal can read detailed knowledge base articles on different product capabilities, navigate through frequently asked questions, interact with other customers from the product community forums, and much more.

Benefits of Using Tianlong Services Client Portal

Below is a list of ways using the client portal will be cost-effective for your business. It will essentially be free as using it will save you money.

Save office space

Store your files digitally, achieve a paperless office

Search easily

Search function to find your files quickly and hassle free

Invite your auditors

Are you being audited? Just invite them to access your files


Create tasks in your client portal and more functions

Why are we different

You will have your client portal and accounting software access. All you have to do is to scan and upload all your documents into your client portal. You can then access the files through your client portal for data entry into the accounting software.

This will improve the brand voice, visibility, and relationship with your clients. The portal will also help you save on time and costs that you would have used to expand the customer care services as the company grows, not to forget the increased traffic on your site, as other bloggers refer individuals to your site for a deeper understanding of your field.

Wrapping up

A self-service portal is vital for your business. It improves the customer experience in a million ways. The first thing that a customer does when they have a question is to visit the FAQ session. Therefore, it is crucial that your portal is equipped with all features such as chat and it should be colorful to encourage clients to read. For better results, it is vital to ensure that you offer valuable content about your products and share in social media.

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