Change in Particulars of Shareholders

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In the course of carrying out your business operations, you might find it necessary to make certain changes to the particulars of shareholders. Shareholders may wish to transfer shares and in the process, they might also change their details. In any transaction that has a transfer of shares, there is an existing shareholder who is giving up the share (a transferor), and the new shareholder who will be receiving the share (a transferee).

Any changes to the particulars of the shareholders must be lodged with the Registrar (ACRA).

What’s the Process of Changing the Particulars of Shareholders?

ACRA dictates that all Singapore Companies must maintain the latest information on their company’s shareholders in BizFile+. You must update your company shareholder’s information on BizFile+ within 14 days.

To add details of new shareholders, use the “Return of Allotment of Shares” transaction. To log these changes, visit > File eServices > Local Company > Make Changes > Change in particulars of shareholders.

What are the Particulars of Singapore Company Shareholders?



Identification type

Identification number

Land/fixed line number

Email address or contact number

Residential address

Alternate address

How Much Does it Cost to Change the Particulars of Singapore Company Shareholders?

ACRA does not charge any fees to file the above changes, but there is a penalty of up to $350 for late filing.

Can Tianlong Services Help You?

Tianlong Services is a professional accounting and secretarial firm and a registered ACRA filing agent for company incorporation, lodgment of annual return and filing of changes and updates of company particulars, officers and shareholders.

Contact us today if you need help with changing the personal particulars of your Singapore shareholders.





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