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How do you keep your books up to date?

Most people manually type in business income and expenses, but that’s costly and tiresome.

Tianlong Services has been in the bookkeeping business long enough to guarantee you the best approaches to carry out data entry in a much better way.

Don’t Let the Tedious Accounting Tasks Burden Your Business Any More

Bookkeeping is a process that involves the constant entry of business financial data, which normally records transactions in assets, incomes and expenses.

A number of businesses fail because they lost track of their financial expenses resulting from inaccurate recording or wrong entries by an inexperienced individual. In other words, they hired someone who put garbage in and garbage out. That’s the extent to which bookkeeping is critical, therefore, to achieve good accounting begins with proper bookkeeping.

When you carry out bookkeeping and data entry appropriately, you can be able to generate impeccable financial reports that can help you and your business to:

  • Avoid tax penalties as a result of erroneous declaration of income statement;
  • Evaluate expenses and implement cost control or cost saving strategies;
  • Make strategic business decision on investment, such as assets;
  • Determine the strength of the management; and
  • Acquire investment or loan.

So, what’s the most appropriate way of carrying out bookkeeping and data entry appropriately?

Quick answer: Automation!

Why you need avoid manual data entry


Irrespective of how fast you can type, you’ll never be fast enough to compare yourself to any automated process. Bookkeeping has many numbers to enter, and with the necessity to verify your entries, manual data entry is time consuming.


Whether you choose to enter the data on your own, or you decide to pay someone else to do it for you, bookkeeping comes with an added cost. In addition, it takes a long time for individuals to become perfect in their work.


Data-entry errors occur even when people are well-rested, 100 percent focused, and enthusiastic to enter the bookkeeping data. In the end, you will put garbage in your entries.


The person who enters data is often given piles of invoices with handwritten notes. These can be hard to read, resulting in unsolicited phone calls to spell out details as well as assumptions and unforeseen mistakes.

Why Automation is the Key to Bookkeeping and Data Entry

If you want to kick manual data entry out of your business and your life, you have to start by connecting with the right technology as well as the right people.

We have helped many clients do this after they confessed to us that they hate data entry.


For example, Adrian is a client of ours who owns and operates a electronics business. The first time he contacted us, his office was his vehicle, and he frequently carried out operations while in motion.

Adrian used to spend about two days trying to beat the deadline for filing tax returns because he couldn’t locate his receipts. He hunted for them in his truck and in every room of his house, and usually had to make that dreadful call to his suppliers for copies. With a fast-growing business, he got frustrated every time such mishaps happened because they slowed down his progress.

Like many other business owners, Adrian hated putting on hold a number of income generating tasks just to deal with his accounting paperwork. Since we were his bookkeepers, we took care of his data entry processes; however, getting the much needed information became a nightmare.

When we suggested to Adrian that his business needs automation, he was thrilled!

After going through such a harrowing experience with accounting data entry, we explained to him how our accounting software works and he was ready to learn along the way. Most of the time, all he had to do was to take photos of various receipts and we would record the data in his business accounts including bank transactions.

It’s been a year since he started using our bookkeeping services, and now he has all the time he needs to manage his business.

Automate Your Bookkeeping and Data Entry with us

At Tianlong Services, no client is too big or too small. We give all our clients the best accounting software to manage their bookkeeping operations. We accept bank feeds and will do up your data entry. We also help our clients to set up accounting software and bank feeds by allocating a dedicated, trained professional to handle the process efficiently.





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